Will Building an Addition to Your Home Add Value?


The last few years have changed what home buyers value most, and these trends may affect your home upgrade decisions. An addition is one of the main home improvements that increases the return on investment (ROI) on your home. Let’s review some of the main reasons why building an addition on your home can bring substantial value to you and your family.


Demand for Space

Since the pandemic, home offices have been highly coveted. Many people converted existing spaces within their homes to accommodate working from home. The problem we’re seeing is that these makeshift spaces have cut into other areas of the house. Some homeowners repurposed extra bedrooms or created work nooks within rooms. While this solved their initial needs, people are now finding themselves cramped and missing the space they lost.

There may be other reasons for needing more space: your family is growing, you’re looking to start a home-based business, need a dedicated room for exercise, or another purpose uniquely your own. It’s typically less expensive to build an addition than buying a new home — especially considering both the monetary and emotional costs of uprooting your family.


Appeal to Buyers

If you’re considering an addition, your primary goal is likely to improve your home for you and your family. It would be wise also to consider future buyers in your planning. Rather than adding a room or space that serves a single function specific to your needs, think about the flexibility of the design for future use.

Avoid additions that make the layout of your home peculiar and take away from the natural traffic pattern through the house. The experts at Quality Homes of Rochester can help you determine the best fit for an addition that will add to your quality life now and resale value later.


Think Beyond the Basics

An addition doesn’t have to be a traditional room. You can expand your kitchen, add a second story, build out a bathroom, turn a bedroom into a suite, or finish your basement. Anything that adds space to your house is considered an addition.


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ROI of Your Addition

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Addition Feature   Percent of Value Recovered From Project
Screened-in porch addition   92.9%
Composite deck   86.9%
Attic conversion to living area   75%
Upscale bathroom addition   64.1%
Attached garage   60.4%
Second-floor garage addition   53%
New primary bedroom suite   56%
Basement conversion to living area   86%
Add new bathroom   63%


5 Reasons to Build an Addition

If you can’t decide whether a home addition is fitting for you, consider these five great reasons to add to your home.

  1. An addition is less stressful than moving.
  2. You’ll increase the value of your property.
  3. You’ll gain usable living space.
  4. The addition will be built to your specifications.
  5. Staying in your home creates stability for your family.

Add Space to Your Home

If you’re considering an addition, we’re here to talk through project specifics. Quality Homes of Rochester specializes in home additions, and we’d love the opportunity to speak to you and build a custom addition your family will love. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.