Home renovations can be both exciting and stressful. Preparing yourself, your home, and your family for a kitchen renovation will help minimize the stress during the construction. Give yourself two to three days before the contractor is due to begin to get things ready. Remember, your project may inconvenience you, but in the end, you’ll have a fantastic new space.

Staying Home?

Your kitchen is probably a very central location in your home. It’s where your family gathers throughout the day for more than just meals. If a kitchen renovation is going to be too disruptive to your lives, consider staying with a relative or even renting an apartment or hotel room during construction.

If you’re staying home during the renovation, set realistic expectations. For a few weeks, your home will be noisy, dusty, and bothersome. Keep your eyes on the prize. When the renovation is finished, you’ll have a gorgeous, functional new kitchen.

Meal Preparation

Even if you plan to eat many meals out, you’ll need an area to prepare some meals at home. Set up a small space with your coffee maker, toaster, and microwave to serve as a temporary small “kitchen.”

Freeze some of your family’s favorites ahead to pop into the slow cooker for an easy meal. Your grill is an excellent alternative to the stove for some healthy meals. The key to meal prep is to plan ahead for these few weeks of inconvenience.

Arrange Adjacent Rooms

Some of the tools used during your kitchen remodeling project will cause vibrations in the adjacent rooms’ walls. Prevent heartbreak by removing pictures and other decorative objects from the walls. It is also wise to put any knick-knacks or small decorations away so that they don’t fall.

Renovations also cause a lot of dust. This is another reason to box up small decorations. Cover upholstery and shelves with thin plastic or sheets to protect surfaces. This will make your cleanup much faster and easier when the contractor is finished.

Plan for Kids and Pets

Both children and pets will need to be kept clear of the dangers of the renovation area. They may become frightened of the loud noises and upset by the disruption. Pets that are particularly upset by noise may need care outside of your home during the remodel.

If you stay at home, remember construction doesn’t stop for naptime, so you’ll need to find a quiet place to accommodate your children’s need for rest. You may find it best to stay with friends or family during the day.

Be Prepared

A kitchen renovation will be loud, dusty, and disruptive. You will have times when the electricity and plumbing are turned off. You and your family will be inconvenienced.

Keep a positive attitude. This is a temporary state of affairs, and soon you’ll be enjoying a wonderful new kitchen in your home.

When you’re ready to get started on a kitchen remodeling project in Rochester, NY, or the surrounding areas, call Quality Homes of Rochester. We’re here for all of your home improvement needs.