Are you looking for more space, but aren’t in a position to put an addition on your home? Finishing your basement is a cost-effective way to add more square footage without building an addition onto your existing house.

Right now, your basement may be acting as storage space and a necessary home for your furnace and water heater. But a basement can be a dedicated living space with a skilled contractor and the right updates.

Basement Remodel ROI

Basement remodeling is consistently high on the list of projects that increase resale value. According to Remodeling magazine, basement remodel ROI is approximately 75 cents on the dollar. That national average means that out of every $100 you spend, you’ll recoup $75.

Don’t base your decision solely upon financial matters. Consider the benefits of additional living space without adding onto your home. You’ll gain significant comfortable space that can be used for anything you want!
You could have a:

  • Man cave
  • Playroom for the kids
  • Spare bedroom
  • Home office
  • Home-based business
  • Apartment
  • Home gym or workout room
  • & more!

While it’s great to consider ROI, the value of the living space for your family is tough to put a price tag on.

Benefits of a Finished Basement

In addition to a great ROI and new space, there are other benefits to a finished basement. Once finished, your basement will remain mold and mildew-free; insects, spiders, and rodents prefer dark, damp places to live — which is the opposite of your finished space; you can still use the area for dry storage, ensuring that whatever is kept there will stay safe and dry.

Basement Considerations


Local building codes may demand egress windows or doors if the basement is to be used as a bedroom.


Plan for windows that will let as much natural light into your basement as possible. Discuss this with your contractor before construction begins. You don’t want your amazing new space to be too dark.


You may prefer the look of drywall ceilings, but most people choose drop ceilings for finished basements. Drop ceilings are best because you can lift tiles to access plumbing or electrical hookups if necessary.


In summer, basements generally stay cool, but in the winter, you may need heat to keep things warm. Talk to an HVAC contractor about the requirements for keeping your finished basement comfortable year-round.

A finished basement is a great investment in your home. Aside from the great ROI, your family will enjoy having the extra space for living or storage. However you choose to use the space, a basement remodel is a great idea! Contact Quality Homes of Rochester today for more details!