Getting Ready for Outdoor Entertaining this Spring

Spring is here bringing warmer temperatures and ushering out the dreariness of winter. Gone are the snowy, freezing days; it’s time to welcome the sunshine and growth of the new season! Take advantage of the better weather and warmth and take your guests outside instead of staying holed up inside like you were all winter. Your front and backyard are likely still recovering from winter though so it’s time to make them into the perfect outdoor entertaining area to gather with friends and family again with these suggestions.

Clean Up Your Deck, Patio, and/or Porch

Before you can get started on creating your perfect outdoor entertaining space, you’ll have to remove the last remnants of winter. This probably means a lot of sweeping and pressure washing to get your outdoor area looking clean again after being buried under snow and ice for months. Then you can get onto the fun part: deck, porch and patio design.

Set Up Outdoor Seating

Your guests will need somewhere to sit when you entertain them outdoors. Choose furniture items that can withstand the elements such as garden sofas. If you enjoy serving meals or eating outdoors, be sure to have a suitable dining area to get the most out of your outdoor space.

Want Some Patio Shade? Try a Patio Gazebo!

Your guests will thank you on hot days for providing them with shade to hide under. Patio gazebos are nice because you can put them just about anywhere in your yard; they aren’t limited to just being attached to your house like a front or back porch might be. They also allow you to fully utilize your outdoor space for entertaining; even if you just set up some outdoor seating on the grass and put your gazebo over it, you’ll have a great place to hang out outdoors.

A Patio Fire Pit is Perfect For Entertaining At Night

A fire pit is an outdoor entertainment classic and for good reason. Set up some chairs around the fire and you’ll be able to enjoy outdoor time with loved ones even on cooler nights. Grab some marshmallows and you can even roast those any time you’d like with ease, and who doesn’t love that?

Expand Your Outdoor Space With Paver Stones

If you want to extend your patio space or just give your guests some good looking direction on where to walk, you can utilize paver stones to create paths or additional room for outdoor gatherings. They provide a clean look without disrupting the natural look of your yard too much.

If your dreams for your outdoor entertaining extend even beyond these tips,and you can’t handle it alone, we’d be happy to help! Quality Homes of Rochester is your resource for all of your outdoor entertainment space needs. Call today to get your free estimate!