During a bathroom remodel, there are a lot of details you will be considering. Among the most important is deciding what type of shower you want to feature in your new bath. It’s not as simple a decision as you may think. Read on for Quality Homes of Rochester’s advice on choosing the right shower for your bathroom.

Important Considerations

While the first things on your mind may be gorgeous colors and elegant hardware, there are other considerations when choosing your shower. Before beginning your remodel, think through the following questions.

  • What is my budget for my bathroom remodel?
  • What portion of that budget can be allocated to my shower?
  • Will this bathroom be shared or is it in a master suite?
  • Who will be using the bath, and does anyone need assistance bathing?

The answers to these questions will help guide you through your decision process.

Our Shower Recommendations

A Shower for Tight Spaces

Don’t have much space to spare? Corner showers, also known as neo-angle showers, tuck right into a bathroom corner. They use two of your existing bathroom walls as part of the shower enclosure. The space-saving design generally consists of three angled glass panels, one of which is the door, and offers plenty of room to shower comfortably.

Corner shower

A Shower for the Family

A tub-shower combination is a perfect balance for a shared bathroom. If you have young children, they can bathe in the tub, and the rest of the family can choose between taking a bath or a shower. This is the most versatile option and is chosen by many homeowners.

shower and tub combination

A Shower for Older Adults

If older family members or those with disabilities will be using the bathroom, consider a handicap-accessible shower. These showers feature barrier-free entry, handrails, handheld showerheads, easy-to-reach faucets, no-slip flooring, and include some type of seating — built-in or portable.

This type of shower has no threshold to step over, making it perfect for wheelchair users, the elderly, or people with disabilities.

No-threshold shower

What Shower Is Right for You?

Once you’ve settled on the type of shower you want, our team will be happy to help you achieve your desired ambiance. We offer custom-styled shower walls, a variety of showerheads (including rain-style), multiple types of faucets, built-in shelving, integrated seating, and much more.

Our goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with your new bathroom. Ready to get started? Contact us today for a free estimate!